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Motorcycle wrecks


If you ride a motorcycle, you already know how much fun riding can be! You understand the exhilaration of cruising the open road and the challenge of controlling a motorcycle. Whether you drive a Harley Davidson, a Ducati or Honda it can be a very rewarding experience. Safe motorcycling takes balance, coordination, and good judgment.

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Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle also can be dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that motorcyclists are about 28 times as likely as passenger car occupants to die in a motor vehicle traffic crash.

Because there is no protective barrier between the Motorcycle and the driver many times drivers are thrown from their bikes and collide with lamps and signs and the road itself.  Drivers suffer concussions and even brain damage although wearing approved helmets can limit injury.  Many times people do break bones but even when you don't there is a lot of skin damage and road rash.  There is also a condition known as biker's arm, where the nerves in the upper arm are damaged during the fall, causing a permanent paralysis of arm movement.

The Attorneys at Tatum & Atkinson are experienced motorcycle lawyers having handled hundreds of cases involving motorcycles. 

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